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Saddington Baynes is constantly looking for new ways to showcase their skills, with industry-leading techniques that help clients get show-stopping results. SBLabs latest study creates an epic moment of a Muay Thai battle, frozen in time utilizing full-body 3D photo scans. SB focused on using advanced procedural displacement developments, complex shaders and dynamic particle simulations to bring to life this epic animated story with unparalleled attention to detail.

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Staudinger+Franke for Amazon Prime Video

Measure Perceptions of Imagery with Engagement Insights® a Saddington Baynes Innovation

Saddington Baynes is launching Engagement Insights® which leverages years of neuroscience expertise to delve into the previously inaccessible non-conscious perception of brands, revealing how people really react emotionally to imagery.

• Support your creative intuition and optimize the visual impact of your campaign imagery, before it's launched. 

• Know you are hitting the right emotional notes for your audience.

• Help discern which imagery is likely to perform best for social media posts. 

• Use EI to gain an advantage in your next pitch. 

Saddington Baynes has helped create memorable brand experiences through sensational imagery for over 25 years. In that time SB has found the biggest indicator of success is emotional impact which helps client partners stand out and grow in the competitive marketplace.''

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