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Simon Danaher's Art for Saatchi NYC & Tide Wins the Grand Prix Print Lion and Old Outdoor Lion at Cannes
GLP Creative / Marcus Smith for Asics
Francisco De Deus Featured in Communication Arts
GLP Creative / Gary Land + Trident for Volkswagen
GLP Creative / Tibor Nemeth
for National University
GLP Creative / Marcus Smith For New Era
Photographer Director Yann Le Pape
for Havas & FDJ
Facebook's campaign by Francisco De Deus featured in
Lüerzer’s Archive
GLP Creative / Gary Land + Trident for Titleist
GLP Creative / Tibor Nemeth
for National University
GLP Creative / Marcus Smith for Abercrombie & Fitch
Scott Council for
USA Beach Handball Team
Facebook's campaign by Francisco De Deus featured in Lüerzer’s Archive
GLP Creative / Tibor Nemeth
for Jimmy Fund
GLP Creative / Marcus Smith
for Bose
Fuze for Dictionary
Bernhard Lang New Aerials
of London
Francisco De Deus Featured in Lüerzer’s Archive
200 Best Worldwide
Pete Barrett photographs
"The Race Of Gentlemen"
GLP Creative / Tibor Nemeth
for Mass Mutual
Shipwreck in a Bottle by
Saddington Baynes
Staudinger+Franke recreates iconic image “New York Construction Workers Lunching on a Crossbeam”
for Evonik Industries
Saddington Baynes for Diageo Buchanan's Two Souls
Saddington Baynes for NIO
GLP Creative / Gary Land + Trident For Nascar
GLP Creative / Gary Land + Trident For Adidas
GLP Creative / Tibor Nemeth
for MA Lottery
Scott Council Photographs
Adam Scott
Saddington Baynes for Panerai
GLP Creative / Tibor Nemeth for Kioti
Saddington Baynes for Estée Lauder
Theatrical Landscapes by Staudinger+Franke
John Fulton For Delta
Pete Barrett for Garden & Gun
"How Fishing Captains are
Saving the Everglades"
Saddington Baynes for Roku Gin
Saddington Baynes for Gaggenau Emotive Films
Scott Council Photographs
St. John mother portraits
Sports Illustrated Fashionable 50 cover photographed by Scott Coucil
The Operators Creative
Stay At Home Reel
for Evonik
Miro Minarovych for
Amnesty International
Saddington Baynes for
Gaggenau Emotive Films
The Operators for Samsung
Gregori Saavedra Billboard Campaign for Zero Waste London
Saddington Baynes Creates
100% CG Home for Gaggenau
1:30 Commercial
Yann Le Pape for State Street
Staudinger+Franke for Evonik
Blake Pearson Selected as Judge for Lürzer's Archives 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide
Pete Barrett Creates Imagery
for Lowe's Craftsman Campaign
On Set with Yann Le Pape
Staudinger+Franke for
Homelessness Awareness
Saddington Baynes
for Jo Malone
FUZE for Mizuno
Saddington Baynes for the
Mobile Stroke Unit
Saddington Baynes
Miro Minarovych
Virtual Talent Created for New Honda Accord Campaign
by Saddington Baynes
On Set with
Saddington Baynes
On Set with
Saddington Baynes
Scott Council for XBOX & Danny McBride
Fuze for Hershey's
The Operators for Lego
Saddington Baynes for Olay
Miro Minarovych for
Mairie de Paris
Post Bellum
Miro Minarovych
Saddington Baynes Wins at Le Book Connections for the CGI video: “Redefining Beauty”
Miro Minarovych for
Amnesty International
Staudinger+Franke’s Multi Year Campaign for the Child Disease Epidermolysis Bullosa
“butterfly children”
Staudinger+Franke for Evonik
(100% CGI location)
Hero Characters
2017 Honda CRV Imagery and Cinemagraphs by Saddington Baynes
Saddington Baynes hires esteemed digital artist Luis Cardoso
from Burberry
New Work by Michael Hacker for Dogfish Head, Blink-182, Pixies,
Pearl Jam....
Scott Council Photographs
Larry Culpepper for Dr. Pepper
Scott Council photographs
Gene Simmons
Scott Council photographs
Jasper Jeon
Staudinger+Franke for
Amazon Prime Video
Saddington Baynes
for Jaguar
Pete Barrett and Saddington Baynes for Miami Cancer Institute
Pete Barrett’s latest installment of The American Worker Project: United States Coast Guard
Staudinger+Franke Creates Key Art for Amazon Prime Series
"You are Wanted"
Amazon Prime Day 2018
Saddington Baynes for Civic Sedan - Instahack
Saddington Baynes creates Mirai Floors for Toyota
Scott Council Photographs
Giovani dos Santos for
Mountain Dew
Pete Barrett's Endless Road Photographing America for 14 Months and Counting
Amazon Prime Day 2018 Imagery
Judy Kaufmann
Famous Pins
The Operators for Etihad
Scott Council Photographs
Jason Alexander
Bernhard Lang for
Carnival Cruise Lines
Saddington Baynes Statue
Saddington Baynes for Acura MDX
BY GOOGLE imagery created
by Saddington Baynes
Saddington Baynes
for Rue La La
Strongbow Cloudy Apple - Aim High TVC by Saddington Baynes
Scott Council for Oculus Rift
Measure Perceptions of Imagery with Engagement Insights® a Saddington Baynes Innovation
Charlie Surbey for Bombay Sapphire
Francisco de Deus for the Amazon Prime Day Campaign
Scott Council photographs
Ronda Rousey & Conor McGregor
for Reebok
Strongbow for Strongbow Cloudy Apple Cider
Andreas Franke Journeys to Bikini Atoll for Production of The Nuclear Fleet Project
Saddington Baynes for Acura NSX Configurator
Retromarine NY New Swimwear Line Showcases Bernhard Lang's Aerial Views
New CG stills & animation work
for Honda by
Saddington Baynes
Scott Council photographs Ellie Kemper
for Alexa
On Set with Saddington Baynes
Saddington Baynes for Asics
Staudinger+Franke for Toyota RAV4
The Operators for Godiva
Staudinger+Franke for Toyota Prius
Charlie Surbey
for Nike
Scott Council photographs
Mindy Kaling & Betty White
Saddington Baynes for Honda CR-V
Saddington Baynes for Honda Civic
Scott Council photographs
Ty Burrell for Gain
John Fulton
for Aflac
The Operators for Acid Survivors Trust International
Across America with Pete Barrett
Bernhard Lang Featured in Apple's “Start Something New” Campaign
New Tesla Motors Staudinger+Franke
The Operators for Gillette
Miro Minarovych for
Harley Davidson
Saddington Baynes New Website
is Now Live!
New Campaign Retouched by Chris Bodie Creative Imaging
Saddington Baynes for Stoli
Scott Council photographs
Aubrey Plaza for Alexa
Honda HR-V by Saddington Baynes
Scott Council photographs
Dustin Poirier, Jon Jones,
& Daniel Cormier for UFC TV
Yann Le Pape - The Evolution of Man
The Operators for Wrigley's
Yann Le Pape for SAFRAN
Four New Art Prints by
Michael Hacker
Terry Vine's New Website is Live
Memoma Studio for Atomic Blonde Adult Swim Promo
Migrate Magazine by Judy Kaufmann
Staudinger+Franke for GE Ecomagination
Staudinger+Franke for FAIRMED - To The Ends Of The World
Staudinger+Franke Entertainment
Saddington Baynes for Acura NSX
Pete Barrett for Coca-Cola
Color Run
Saddington Baynes - Honda Type-R
John Fulton for Brother Moto
Fuze for National Geographic
Pete Barrett Triathlon
Pizzeria Disgusto by Michael Hacker
Saddington Baynes
Entertainment Portfolio
Charlie Surbey for Absolut Citron
VISU and Saddington Baynes
Sponsor Battle for Hope
to Benefit Inner-City Kids
John Fulton for Simmons Beautyrest
Saddington Baynes - Honda CR-V
‘Do More New’
Scott Council photographs
Kendrick Lamar
Staudinger+Franke for Atlantis
Clydesdale Randy by John Fulton
Fuze For Ford
Saddington Baynes for Olay
Marlins Spring Training Imagery Shot by Pete Barrett
Pete Barrett's New Racing Series
John Fulton for The Wildlife Exposition
Yann Le Pape Creates "End of Laziness" Key Visuals for
Decathlon Campaign
Memoma Studio
The Inksect
Scott Council Photographs Jimmy Kimmel
Scott Council photographs
Stephen Colbert
Mind Treat Studios creates iPhone App for Coca-Cola
Scott Council for
Man In The High Castle
Photo Rep of the Year
Visu Artists! GOLD!
Microsoft in Education Campaign Image Library Shot by Pete Barrett
Augmented Reality by
Saddington Baynes
Scott Council for
NFL Thursday Night Football
Staudinger+Franke for Audi
New Images from
Maui and NYC by
John Fulton
New Web!
Judy Kaufmann
John Fulton Photographs
Holly Frey & Tracy Wilson from Stuff You Missed in
History Class
Charlie Surbey for Chambord
New Cone Head Image by John Fulton
Underwater Portraits
Party Screen Print by Judy Kaufmann
Plastic Time Bombs for Vml NY /
Lonely Whale Foundation
Active Imagery by Martin Dyrløv
John Fulton Pound for Pound:
On Boxing
Saddington Baynes for Acura TLX
New CGI & App for Atlas Copco
by Playground
Staudinger+Franke for Atlantis – Part 1
Saddington Baynes for
Honda CRZ
T-Mobile Smartphone Photography and CGI Imagery by Staudinger+Franke
Uppercase Surface Pattern Design Guide by Judy Kaufmann
Staudinger+Franke Rock the Biscuit Campaign for Biskrem and TBWA/RAAD
Miro Minartovych for Wikipedia
Memoma for Nike
Now Representing Yann Le Pape
Scott Council photographs
Ice Cube
Memoma Studio for Discovery Kids
Stills & Live ACtion — Hilton
Quick Honey - Very Light Jets
Photo Invasion The Book - In Labor by Lucas Levitan
John Fulton Featured in Communication Arts 2014 Photography Annual
Miro Minarovych for Nesquick
New Summertime Work
Pete Barrett
Illustration Exhibition at Wien Museum, Vienna by Michael Hacker
Staudinger+Franke's Water Crane
National Theatre - Miro Minarovych
New Staudinger+Franke Animal Rights Campaign
Scott Council photographs
Damon Wayans Jr.
New Underwater Fairytales by Andreas Franke
Staudinger+Franke for HSBC
Scott Council photographs
Rashard Lewis for Footlocker
Andreas Franke Featured in Luerzer’s Archive 200 Best Photographers Worldwide
Saddington Baynes - Honda Civic - Black Edition
Staudinger+Franke Featured in Luerzer’s Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide
Staudinger+Franke for Electronica
CPA Global Wrong Tools Campaign by John Fulton
Playground for Verisign .COM Campaign Create Ten CGI Background/ Talent Composites
Memoma Studio for Nissan
John Fulton's New Imagery for EnergyLogic Campaign "It's Almost Like Working at The Beach"
New T-Shirts by Michael Hacker
Staudinger+Franke Creates for
Amnesty International
Staudinger+Franke Creates New Campaign Imagery Using Thousands of Flowers
Terry Vine for Children's Hospital
Now Representing Staudinger+Franke - Photography, Postproduction, CGI,
and a lot of Imagination
John Fulton New Ranchers
Pete Barrett / A Smile and A Coke
New Work: Pete Barrett Fly Fishing Available Stock
John Fulton for AT&T / On the Way to Saturday
John Fulton for Georgia Power
Congratulations John Fulton - Communication Arts 2012 Photography Annual
Now Representing Terry Vine
New Work: John Fulton
Scott Council photographs
Will Smith
New Work: Chris Bodie for
Lürzer's Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide: Congrats John Fulton
Saddington Baynes - AMG Dust
John Fulton Featured in American Photo Magazine One to Watch: "Realism Plus"
New Work: Old Hula Lady for Eaton by John Fulton and Chris Bodie Creative Imaging
New Work from South Africa by Pete Barrett
State Fair of Texas Time by
Bee Things
John Fulton Featured in Communication Arts Photo
Annual 52
John Fulton's Work Featured In Archive Vol. 3 – 2011
Saddington Baynes for Bell
Isolation Camp Art Show and Website by Michael Hacker
New Motocross ATV Work by
John Fulton
Saddington Baynes for Honda Civic
Pete Barrett for Travelers
John Fulton Image Featured in CA Photo Annual
Pete Barrett for Regions Bank
Pete Barrett
John Fulton and Chris Bodie Create Five Ads for Richards Group and Georgia Power
Chris Bodie Creative Retouching
Mind Treat Studio creates Interactive Stand for Samsung Galaxy S6 edge
Le Cool Covers by Judy Kaufmann
John Fulton
Pete Barrett for New Balance
Pete Barrett for
Visit Florida Campaign
Chris Bodie for BBDO
Pop-Up Shop, Manchester Bar by
Judy Kaufmann
Scott Council photographs
Snoop Dog
Playground Retouching
Saddington Baynes - Honda Pilot
Judy Kaufmann
Saddington Baynes for Honda Jazz
Pete Barrett Wins
2nd Place In
IPA Photo Awards
Pete Barrett
Pete Barrett
Pete Barrett for BBDO/ AT&T
More Bars
John Fulton
John Fulton
John Fulton Featured in Communication Arts Fresh Column
Michael Hacker for Blink 182
Playground Creative Retouching
Chris Bodie
Creative Retouching
Chris Bodie
Creative Retouching
Quick Honey
Pete Barrett for Miami CVB
Pete Barrett
Pete Barrett
Healthcare & Business Libraries by Terry Vine
Pete Barrett
John Fulton
John Fulton
Judy Kaufmann for Nukkias Barcelona Stationary
John Fulton
John Fulton
Saddington Baynes - Barbican Tunnel
Lucas Levitan - Cubism
Pete Barrett for Gentleman Jack
Saddington Baynes for FJ Adventure
Memoma Studio for
Buchanan's Master
Saddington Baynes for Infiniti
'Q50 VS Red Bull'
Saddington Baynes - Lexus Grunge
Scenes De Rue Poster by
Judy Kaufmann