Pete Barrett Safely Creates In
The Great Outdoors

The videos featured below were created last year in an experiment of what Pete could do shooting solo with a single talent. He was interested to see if it was possible to venture out into the great outdoors without a crew, while getting the shots needed to successfully tell a story in a short film format.

With meticulous planning and preproduction he was able to get a large variety of footage and perspectives to help drive the narrative and tell the story of this avid outdoorsman on his "Perfect Day". Pete is very happy with the way it turned out.

Little did he know at the time, but this exercise fits in well with what we have to deal with today. By keeping it small and simple, working in close vicinity to his hometown with people who have been sheltering in place together, Pete can shoot small to medium sized productions such as these to help fill your need for new content. For shoots with more production logistics we can partner with Chuck Martin Productions who is right down the road to carefully scale up to any size crew necessary. Also live streaming is available to share with anyone who wishes to review the shoot remotely.

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