Strongbow Cloudy Apple - Aim High TVC by Saddington Baynes

Following their recent work on Heineken’s largest new product launch for Strongbow, Saddington Baynes was asked to create a 30 second fully animated commercial — in half the time. 

The challenge was to build on the original Cloudy Apple campaign, but with a new perspective built around the slogan ‘Aim High.’

Saddington Baynes used a full production process with storyboard animatics, shot design, animation, cloud FX generation, lighting and lightning design. 

The change in motion and scale allowed cues for sound design, helping build intensity within the film, while the dramatic lighting was enhanced to push the contrast further as the archer grows and becomes more defined. The tight crops brought a whole new level of complexity to the cloud simulations and the CG glass scene with its inner storm of effervescent bubbles brought a suitably dramatic impact to Strongbow’s Cloudy Apple.

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