The Honda e launch: Using Gaming Tech to Create a Real-Time WebGL Configurator by Saddington Baynes

For the launch of the new "Honda e" Saddington Baynes improved the configurator experience by using real-time technology online, enhancing the customer journey and expanding creative possibilities.

Bringing the same immersive experience typically found in car dealerships, but without the need for installed hardware and software, the viewer can personalize and interact with the car, while viewing it at almost any angle, in multiple environments and on any device, all in real-time without streaming. No additional plug-ins or downloads are needed with WebGL, so viewers access the Honda e configurator through 99.9% of all devices and browsers.

Saddington Baynes delivers quality complex layer-based configurators which use thousands of high-resolution still image assets. Whatever sector you’re in, from automotive to FMCG, healthcare to food & beverage, real-time technology offers your consumers a greater level of engagement with your products, increasing dwell time while delivering a high-quality brand experience.

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