Virtual Talent Created for New Honda Accord Campaign
by Saddington Baynes

Saddington Baynes created photo-realistic 'Virtual Talent' for many of the lifestyle shots for a recent Honda Accord campaign.

The cutting-edge 3D scanning technique Saddington Baynes employed for the campaign allows more flexibility to design and deliver both stills and animated visual content. 

Use of virtual talent is a truly revolutionary alternative to ‘shooting’ talent because, by capturing them in 3D in super-high detail, the talent are available for use in more than just the current campaign — with the adaptability and capability of matching any camera position, lighting condition and location into which they are placed. 

Saddington Baynes is always looking for industry-leading ways to enhance the creative process, while giving clients ultimate versatility and efficiency. The use of virtual talent does just this, and is expected to become the standard for many applications in the future.


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