LIMEHOUSE for IC Markets

Limehouse and IC Markets recently unveiled the "They’re Fast, We’re Faster" Integrated Campaign and :35; showcasing lightning-speed trading inspired by Formula 1 pit stops.

Brought to life by Limehouse's production and post-production expertise, and directed by Aytan Lachish, the campaign captures the adrenaline-fueled atmosphere of an F1 pitstop, juxtaposed with highly stylized and captivating visuals. Through CGI, super slow motion, and macro shots, viewers are treated to an immersive experience of the finely tuned choreography of a pitstop, highlighting the lightning-fast nature of trading on IC Markets.

Duncan Harriss, MD, Limehouse: “Being a fully integrated production and post studio, enables us to evaluate in-house the benefits of shooting in-camera versus post-production as to how to best bring it to life.”


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