What a wonderful word, to escape. As a runner it paints a life canvas filled with images of dirt, mud, amazing vistas, the art of cityscapes and friends. Oh, the friends that say 'yes' before you can even ask the question. Motofish told the following stories to highlight the product as the fabric and glue which brings experiences to life.Trail: The un-charted magic of getting “lost” in the woods.

City Center: We love our city. Let us give you a tour.

City View: On a runners holiday, every corner reveals something new.

• Photo library for each category
• Custom type design
• All digital assets, landing pages, email templates, category pages
• Three minute brand style videos and cut downs for all social channels.


Creative Director/ Designer: Troy Nebeker
Writer: Troy Nebeker
Director of photography: Greg Sweney
Still and video: Greg Sweney/ Chris Cumming
Producer: Bill Rugen/ Motofish
Edit: Motofish
Client: Brooks