2017 Honda CRV Imagery and Cinemagraphs by Saddington Baynes

Saddington Baynes has been handling large scale automotive projects for over a decade. Their specialist auto team partnered again with our friends at RPA and Razorfish to produce the complete suite of over 1800 premium CGI images for the launch of the all-new 2017 Honda CR-V, the world’s top-selling SUV. With SB’s proven combination of meticulous planning and solid processes, they created the high-res brochure imagery, animations, cinemagraphs and online configurator assets for the campaign, powered by their proprietary Cuttlefish® software. Automotive CAD data runs into tens of thousands of individual parts and Cuttlefish® does all of the technical heavy lifting and validation, which streamlines the input, organization and re-assembly of all the components needed for online configurations. This means SB’s artists focus their energies on crafting engaging, photorealistic brand imagery and feature specific lighting that really shows of the key design cues of the car. With SB’s VFX Supervisor on location utilizing their on-set PreVis setup, SB ensured the capture of all the right supplementary material needed to bring the CR-V to life in CGI, while delivering the highest quality imagery with incredible cost and time efficiencies.

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