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Staudinger+Franke for
Amazon Prime Video
Staudinger+Franke recreates iconic image “New York Construction Workers Lunching on a Crossbeam”
for Evonik Industries
Staudinger Franke Livestream — studio talent shoots available now from Vienna
for Evonik
Theatrical Landscapes by Staudinger+Franke
Staudinger+Franke for Evonik
Staudinger+Franke for
Homelessness Awareness
Staudinger+Franke’s Multi Year Campaign for the Child Disease Epidermolysis Bullosa
“butterfly children”
Staudinger+Franke for Evonik
(100% CGI location)
Staudinger+Franke for
Amazon Prime Video
Staudinger+Franke Creates Key Art for Amazon Prime Series
"You are Wanted"
Andreas Franke Journeys to Bikini Atoll for Production of The Nuclear Fleet Project
Staudinger+Franke for Toyota RAV4
Staudinger+Franke for Toyota Prius
New Tesla Motors Staudinger+Franke
Staudinger+Franke for GE Ecomagination
Staudinger+Franke for FAIRMED - To The Ends Of The World
Staudinger+Franke Entertainment
Staudinger+Franke for Atlantis
Staudinger+Franke for Audi
Underwater Portraits
Staudinger+Franke for Atlantis – Part 1
T-Mobile Smartphone Photography and CGI Imagery by Staudinger+Franke
Staudinger+Franke Rock the Biscuit Campaign for Biskrem and TBWA/RAAD
Staudinger+Franke's Water Crane
New Staudinger+Franke Animal Rights Campaign
New Underwater Fairytales by Andreas Franke
Staudinger+Franke for HSBC
Andreas Franke Featured in Luerzer’s Archive 200 Best Photographers Worldwide
Staudinger+Franke Featured in Luerzer’s Archive 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide
Staudinger+Franke for Electronica
Staudinger+Franke Creates for
Amnesty International
Staudinger+Franke Creates New Campaign Imagery Using Thousands of Flowers
Now Representing Staudinger+Franke - Photography, Postproduction, CGI,
and a lot of Imagination