Joseph Ford's Impossible Street Art

We are excited to share Photographer Director Joseph Ford’s new project, "Impossible Street Art," a collaboration with famous street artists: Morley (@morleyartist); Ador (@ador_2049); Victoria Villasana (@villanaart); Levalet (; (JanIsDeMan @janisdeman); Peeta (@peeta_ead) and Denis Meyers (@d6ni5m).

Ford imagined what it would be like if the artists could work on any surface, not restricted by scale, accessibility, safety or rules. He then sent collaborating artists large photographic prints of each location. The artist imagined what they might create at the location, and then drew or painted by hand on each print. Next Ford re-photograph each original artwork on an easel at the same location — creating a glimpse into a parallel universe where street artists have complete artistic freedom.

Further artworks are underway, with more locations and contributing artists to be revealed later this year.

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